Friday, July 4, 2008

First One's OUT!!!

My first little bird has left the nest! The first thing the little one did was land in the food bowl and look around startled. I got a picture of this moment but it's pretty blurry but so cute! Omega (yes, I went with Omega in the end)keeps trying to get into the wrong nest. It's adorable because his parents are freaking out trying to get him back but they aren't allowed in the other nest. I took the bird bath out of the cage; now that we have kids we have to build a fence around the pool to prevent accidents! LOL! I hope you like the pictures below. I promise the next post will be completely stitching related. :)

Omega in the Food Bowl

Omega Looking Cute

Omega Has Realized the "Mama-razzi" Have Spotted Him (LOL)

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