Sunday, August 24, 2008

Woo Hoo I'm Done Page Two !!!!

I'm making GREAT progress with my Lissandrea project! I just adore her! I'm motoring my way through page 3 and am LOVING it! I just love doing gives the whole work a presence!!! Check out my progress: Please excuse the poor photography; I`m not sure why my camera won`t get a good shot of this one!

I have a degree in Literature and have always wanted to work my way through Harold Bloom's Western Canon (not the book but the list.) I have finally begun! I went through the list and have ticked off all the books that I have read. I've made it through the majority of the British, American, and Canadian Literature but have barely touched on other cultures. I have skipped the Theocratic Age because I`ve never really enjoyed the classics (ex. Homer, Virgil, Ovid, Plato) and have gone directly to the Aristocratic Age that begins in Italy with Dante. I have made my way through The New Life and am now working on The Divine Comedy. I can`t believe that I`ve never read it before! It is terrifying! Seriously giving me nightmares but I`ve made it to Paradiso and it`s all more positive there! I also grabbed some biographies and critical essays for my endeavor! I`m so studious!!!!! LOL!

Well, with all this reading and all this stitching my eyes are a little sore. I`ve started wearing my glasses again. My hubby likes to tease me that I look like I`m wearing goggles...He walks past me through the room and pretends he`s doing the breast stroke....Here`s a pic of me in my goggles; I don`t think I look so bad! LOL!!!

I was hunting for my cat in the forest the other day and I must have bumped into some Poison Ivy on my travels because I`ve got a nice itchy rash on my leg! I`ve had it once before and forgot the agony it is! It should be called Poison Itchy!!! I was checking online for some home remedies for it and was amazed with the strange things people recommend! I`m putting hydrogen peroxide on it and then using a baking soda paste instead of calamine lotion but online people suggest salt, aloe, banana skins, oatmeal, Clorox bleach, Lysol, Windex...the list goes on and on and gets more ridiculous as it goes! Wish me luck! Any suggestions!!! LOL!!!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Isn't She Beautiful?!

Right now I am procrastinating before I go and work out...not in the mood today...maybe I will be in an hour though. I really have no excuses for not working out: we have a gym in our basement because my hubby is a fanatic about exercise! He just went down to work out and my response was "I'll be down in a minute." :D It might be a bit longer than a minute...

Well, I'm still trucking along with page 2 of Lissandrea. I think she is lovely! I've never done a pattern like this before. It's a Mystic Stitch design and the pattern definitely took some getting used to. Also, I've never done one of this magnitude that was completely stitched. I'm thoroughly impressed with the result though! However, you should see the back of my work!!! Yowza!!! It's dreadful! I usually pride myself on how neat the back of my work is but not this time! EEK! Seriously, it's an abomination! Luckily, no one will ever see the back so it doesn't matter! YEAH! Except the framer...:o

Here she is in all her page 2 splendour!!! (Please excuse my dreadful photography)