Thursday, December 18, 2008

Tendancy to Ramble

I finished Helen of Troy!!! I seriously plowed through the 600 pages in no time at all! It was ssooo good! Now I've moved on to The Thirteenth Tale.

I know you're not meant to judge a book by its cover but that's partially why I picked this one! This cover is gorgeous! This is the author's first novel at it was a New York Times bestseller within the week it was published. I totally think the cover had a lot to do with it!!! LOL! Also, this was a Chapters/Indigo Heather's Pick. I've always had good luck with her picks and hopefully this will be no exception.

I haven't been stitching much in the past few days. I'm madly trying to finish my white sweater for Christmas. I REALLY want it to be my Christmas sweater! I've finished the front, back, and one arm. I'm about a third of the way up the other arm so all I have to do is finish that bit, do my blocking, sew it all together, and do the cowl neck. I can do it!!! But wish me luck all the same... LOL! Hopefully I'll have a picture of my completed masterpiece before too long!

My husband and I don't have cable, we don't bother with tv. Our friends joke that we're training to be amish! LOL! Anyway, I have recently gotten in to the show 24. I borrowed season one from the library and I am HOOKED!!! I love to knit while watching a few episodes in the evening. I noticed that my library has up to season six so I am set for a while with something interesting to watch on tv! LOVE IT!

I have a few additions to make to my wishlist for Santa. I went through the Heaven and Earth Designs website and found a few little wonders that I mustlet Santa know about.

Here is A Mid Summer's Night Dream. I have this dream to have my library one day have accents of my cross stitch work on the walls but in the library they will all be literature related. This one's for my future libray!!!

This is Cinderella on the Stairs...another one for the library!!!

This is kick ass library lady!!!

The Lady of Shallott...I just ADORE this one!

Merlin and Arhtur. I took a course in university that was all about Arthurian legends. From that point forward, I was hooked!

This is The Owl and the Pussycat. I think I was read this story EVERY night as a child. I love love love it!

This one is called Alernative Reality. I think it's the dress that I adore in this one!

This is Musical Fete. I love much potential for so much beauty. I spent so much of my childhood in theaters, either in the house or on the many memories!

This is Catch Me. I feel like a spend a lot of my life falling off of a precipice and hoping someone will catch me! LOL!

This is Pisces. I'm totally into astrology...I'm a big dork, I know, but I'm a true Pisces and it's just in my nature!

And this is Capricorn for my husband. These can hang side by side somewhere in the house...the fish and the goat...what a funny pair we make! LOL!

This is Beckon. While on the HAED website I found the artist Jonathan Earl Bowser (I hope I got the name right...) I LOVE his work!!!! It's so ethereal!!! The following are all his so I'll just give you their titles.




Forest Light

Forest Mist

Goddess of Tides


Santa, I have been VERY good!

Wow! This was one long blog entry...once I get going, I have a tendancy to ramble...LOL!

Again, I'll leave with a funny kitten. This one is good because last week I took my cats the the Humane Society that I volunteer with so they could have their picture taken with Santa...they didn't enjoy it too much...When I got my cats home one was under the bed for 12 hours and the other went straight upstairs and peed in my closet!!! LOL!! I think the cats are voting that next year we take up Judaism...LOL!


Dianne said...

Thank you for visiting my blog! You look like you will be very busy with all of those wishes :)

Rachel said...

Very ambitious! I love Forest Light. Cant wait to see which one(s) Santa sends you :o)

Juls said...

I love all of your HAED design choices but most especially Cinderella on the Stairs, Alternative Reality and Catch me!!!!! So ambitious...just wish I had more time in the day!
I just finished Pillars of the Earth and loved it..have World without end..but am first reading The Historian and then maybe Thirteenth Tale
Thanks for visiting me!!!!
Our snow is gone are you doing with yours???