Friday, April 24, 2009

Feeling Truly Blessed


I can't thank you all enough for all the positive energy that you have sent my way. I feel so blessed to be a part of the blogging community! You all are the absolute BEST!!!!

I'm still packing like a crazy person and feeling a little over whelmed with it all. Our moving day is Monday the 4th of May. Please send more good vibes for nice weather and a speedy moving company! (Wow! Do they ever charge a small fortune to move your stuff!)

Does anyone have any advice on the moving of my pets? The cats have never been in the car longer than the 10 minutes it takes to get to the vet and they scream the entire way! I hoping the cats go to sleep for the three hour journey and I'm also praying that neither of them get car sick!!! LOL! My poor little guys! There's also the birds to think about. I've realised that the cage is too tall to fit in my car on the back seat so they're going to go for a little visit with my mom. My darling mom is going to have to chauffeur them to our new place in her minivan! I wonder how they'll do?! LOL! Can you imagine the racket if I did put them all in the car on the same journey! LOL! My husband and I will need earplugs!


Jennifer said...

Our cat is a TERRIBLE traveler - he carries on the whole time, and will generally throw up and make a mess. Then we had him in the car while he was mildly sedated after a procedure, and it was the best experience with him ever. He was as calm and laid back as could be. Needless to say, we don't travel without giving him a little something.

My advice is to ask your vet for a mild sedative for your cats - they will usually give you valium or something similar. (You can even get a prescription for it and get it at your local drug store - good if you can find the $4 generics). I'd also do a trial run at home with maybe 1/2 the recommended dosage, just to see how they react to it and if there are any issues (at least you're close to the vet and not in the middle of a road trip if something happens). Our cat looked like he was drunk, couldn't walk straight and would fall over if he rubbed up against something (it was actually pretty funny). The effects wore off in a few hours and he was back to his normal self.

If your cats won't take pills, try getting treats with soft centers that you can cut in half and embed the pills in. I like using the Pounce Hairball Treatment ( I split them open with a knife, put the pill inside, then put the treat back together. The cat never even knows the difference.

Good luck!

Jennifer said...

I also recommend lining their cages with several layers of old towels. If they do have an accident, you can just yank out the top layer, pop it in a plastic bag and continue on your way.

Imogen Montana said...

I support Jennifer's recommendation. I avoid travelling with my cat as much as possible as she is a serial car-vomiter. But a bit of a sedative or travel sickness tablet prescribed by the vet worked wonders.

It's great to hear from you again...always love your blogs. I look forward to seeing some pics of Ballerina Beauty :)

Anonymous said...

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