Sunday, May 18, 2008

Oriental Fan Part 3

What have I done this week? Well, let's see. I stitched another flower and some leaves and did their back stitching. I also started to stitch yet another flower. I did some more back stitching to create the accordion folds of the fan. Oh and I did some of the black back stitching along the left edge of the fan just to see what it would look like! Cross stitching is teaching me patience! LOL!

As usual I try to keep my work looking uniform. I have found that the easiest way to do this is to keep all of my stitches looking the same. All of my stitches should be left over right crosses. To help me do this I use the following tip. If I am stitching downwards I start from the bottom left corner of the stitch and work from left to right and then back from right to left. This way when I go to start on the next line down my thread is not coming out of the fabric in the place where I want it to go down again. Also, when stitching upwards I do the opposite. I start my stitching from the top right hand corner of the stitch and then work from right to left and then back again from left to right. This is a simple method that I have found to keep all of my stitches as uniform left over right crosses and it also helps to keep the back tidy too!

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Alanda Jacobs said...

That looks amazing!