Sunday, June 15, 2008

Daddy Day, Buckets, Updates, and Future Ambitions

First of all let me wish all the Daddy's out there a very happy Father's Day!!! I have been musing over what to get my dad. He's a simple guy who feels uncomfortable when people spend money on him. Also, his birthday is on the 20th and so I often combine gifts. I think I will have my "All is Calm" piece framed and give it to him for his birthday.

He needs some calm in his life; he works very hard and never takes enough time for himself. Also, a few months ago we lost my brother very tragically. My mother was very upset on Mother's Day and I think today may be difficult for my dad. I want to make sure this Daddy Day is as easy for my dad as possible! Please send happy vibes our way!!!

Well, that last paragraph had a sombre tone to it. Let's move on to something more chipper! Last night I watched "The Bucket List". Has anyone seen this? Hilarious and sad all at the same time! The part when Jack Nicholson gets to kiss "the most beautiful girl in the world" had me crying/smiling for about 20 minutes! My only wish was that they made the character of the assistant a little funnier. That actor was the best part of "Will & Grace" and I think his character in this flick could have been HILARIOUS!!!

And finally, an update on my latest project. I have finished the spokes of the fan and done the couching with the gold metallic thread. I love couching!!! It's a touch time consuming but the effect is lovely! Next, I've been working on the next fan in the background. I'm really happy with the progress I'm making. I think the excitement over my next project is giving me the inertia I need!!! My diligence is paying off!

I've been reading a bunch of blogs out there in the ether and I've decided that I HAVE to get myself a Heaven and Earth Design! I am in love with every one that I see! Also, I think I'm due for a Miribilia for the same reason! But my all time favorite that I've got to get for myself is "The Lady of Shalott". You know...that famous painting, by someone whose name escapes me, of her in the boat floating down the river with that soulfull look on her face after she realizes that she's dying. I love that painting and I love that poem! I think I'm getting ahead of myself AGAIN!!!


Alanda Jacobs said...

So, this is probably showing how silly I am... But what is 'couching'?

Rebecca said...

Couching is when you tack the thread on to your work. You lay your thread along the top of your work and you tack it down with another needle and thread using tiny lops from the back. It gives a similar effect to back stitching but since you're not going up and down through your work there are no breaks in the line. Does that make sense? And of course you're not silly!!!

Alanda Jacobs said...

lol... Well... I can be!

And, I've done that... Weird how it's called different things to different people... It's 'tacking' here... But, that just be a slang term for it or something...