Monday, June 2, 2008

Oriental Fan Part 5

Yet again, I am a day late in my post. Yesterday I took my nephews to Black Creek Pioneer Village. They had a great time and I think I've found my new vocation in life. Throughout the village they have people in traditional costume pretending to live in the era and answering questions. In one of the houses was a woman who sat by the fire all day working on her embroidery. Where do I sign up for that job!?

Anyway, during this past week I have completed the background for the top area. Next I moved onto the border. I like to finish the left hand side of the pattern first because I am right handed and it's a little more awkward to complete. The border has proven to be a slight nightmare. Granted it is a very simple pattern but somehow I was still able to make a couple of mistakes! I had to unpick portions of it twice! Never stitch while enjoying wine! LOL! Now, I am trying to be extra careful to avoid having to unpick again.

Next, this border uses 5 strands of floss to create the weight of it. It is SO uncomfortable! Not only is it a nightmare every time I try to thread my needle but I feel like I'm stitching with yarn! I'm so glad I used the stretch bars on this project because if I hadn't the fabric would have invariably been quite warped! The pattern also calls for cording along the border. I now understand why: to mask any warping in the fabric!!!

I seem to be grumbling a bit in this last post. Sorry, next post will be more chipper!

PS - It is my photography skills that have made the pattern appear crooked and not the actual pattern.

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Anonymous said...

This is absolutely beautiful, i can't wait to see more!