Monday, June 23, 2008

So Close!!!

I had wanted to finish this project and be able to show you all but instead it's still a WIP!!! Yet again, I have run out of floss and have to write to Dimensions. This kit has been brutal for running out of floss. So far I've run out of 4 colors! The kind people at Dimensions are going to get to know me very well. I'm so close to completion!!! I'm very excited!!!

As a complete aside, our birds had babies!!! My husband and I have 4 zebra finches and they are lovely! We got birds because we were trying to entertain the cats indoors. When my one cat Jericho goes outside he picks fights with other cats and comes home looking like he got attack by a lawnmower. We decided the cats need to stay indoors if they can't behave themselves outside and the birds have really helped them stay entertained. They have proven to be very avid bird watchers!!! Well, last week I poked my nose into the birds' nests and noticed we had eggs and a few days ago I was snooping again and found babies!!! We have 7 babies!!! I think we're going to need a bigger cage but it's VERY exciting!!!


vEr0n!c@ said...

Your Oriental Fan is coming along beautifully. Sorry to hear that the threads provided with the kit is just not enough. Don't you just hate it when that happens?

It sure is pretty exciting to find baby birds in the nest! I'd love to see some pictures of them. Must be real cute :)

Dora said...

That's more than beautiful! I love it!