Saturday, January 31, 2009

Look at these faces!!!

For those of you that read this regularly, you know that I volunteer at my local Humane Society. I absolutely adore helping out there! It’s such a special moment when I get to be a part of a family meeting their newest member; it’s like being in the delivery room when a baby is born! LOL! (Maybe not quite the same!) Anyway, I am so pumped to go in this Sunday because we’ve got a bunch of new kittens!!! I love it when we get a plethora of new kittens! The last time I was in we got this little guy named Danny. Here’s a picture… can you believe that someone just found this little 6 week old treasure wandering around on his own outside!!! Break my heart!!!

We are a no-kill shelter here in Burlington. We only put down animals when we absolutely have to, like when they have a very serious incurable disease and they are in a bad state with it. Other than seriously extenuating circumstance we never put anyone down. We just rescued this latest batch of kittens from another Humane Society that is not a no-kill facility and that had no room for them and so were going to have to put them down. Would you look at these faces!!! They were going to put them down and we’ll be surprised if they’re not all adopted by the end of the week!!! Every time I come home my husband asks me if I smuggled out a new tiger for us and sometimes I’m seriously tempted!!!

And since I'm discussing kittens in this about some funny pics because everyone needs a giggle from time to time!!!

And here's some for the puppy lovers!!!

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