Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sweaters, and Stitching, and Lists, OH MY!!!

At long last here is a picture of my lovely white sweater:

It’s she lovely!!! I just adore this sweater and it’s SOOOO warm! LOL! I think it will be my new tobogganing sweater! I wonder what I should knit next… I really need a pair of gloves or mittens and maybe a cute hat to match! I’ll have to go through the patterns that are saved on my computer and see what tickles my fancy next. FYI: I get all my patterns off the free database on the wool websites (Patons, Bernat, etc.)

And, here is an update for my Elegance of the Orient:

She’s coming along so nicely now. I’ve been working on the other side of the shawl and I can’t wait to work on the backstitching for it because it changes the whole look of the project. I really do love Dimensions products because of the detail they provide with the backstitching. I love my Lissandrea too but when I work on her I really miss the precision that my Elegance of the Orient has in its detail.

I just realized that I never did a list of New Year’s Resolutions with you. I usually make resolutions and I’ve usually gotten sick of them by about January 2nd. Do you make resolutions? Do you keep them? How do you do it?! Anyway, here is my list of resolutions for this beautiful year of 2009:

1)Finish all outstanding cross stitch projects
2)Finish outstanding projects around the house (i.e. Painting walls, moving furniture, hanging pictures, organizing kitchen and closets, etc.)
3)Work on reading through Harold Bloom’s western canon
4)Lose the 30 lbs of “Happy Fat” that I found when my hubby and I met a few years ago!
5)Earn $1 million dollars….LOL!

Wish me luck with that list!!!


Chiloe said...

I'm sure you can finish a great stitching piece but the million dollar??? lol I am going to try to loose weight too : it's about time as my grand ma still love to take pictures each time we visit her ... I imagine my cousins (we don't talk) thinking how fat I got ... :-(( Hope I reach at least that goal ... and you too ;-)

Imogen Montana said...

Elegance of the Orient looks lovely :)

Thye look like great goals. I have about a dozen new year goals. My strategy for keeping them going is not only writing them down, but writing down what I need to do now (and throughout the year) to achieve them. :)